Child Dental Care

Child Dental Care – Keep Your Children Smiling

Your child’s oral health is essential for their overall health and well being. Regular recare appointments allow us to develop your child’s personalized plan of care to identify and prevent potential problems or catch them early before they become more serious, more painful, and more costly. Our entire team takes great pride in creating a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment while building a relationship with your child. What your child can expect at a recare visit:


Examination for decay, visually and with Bitewing x-rays once a year and/or panoramic films to check orthodontic status, tooth alignment and abnormalities

Examination of gum tissue

Assessment of biting, chewing, and swallowing patterns

Evaluation of dental readiness for necessary procedures like orthodontics

Reassessment of overall treatment plan


Cleaning and scaling teeth to remove plaque, tartar and surface stains

Application of fluoride and pit and fissure sealants


Instruction about brushing and flossing

Counselling about diet and its relationship to oral health

Explaining dental treatments including orthodontics, using visual aids