One of the great benefits of good periodontal health is the way it lets you take advantage of cosmetic dentistry! Your teeth can be rejuvenated and gaps, chips, crowding and the shape of your teeth can be corrected…without surgery or braces.

Cosmetic Dentistry – You Can Look Younger And Feel Great!

  •  Ceramic Inlays/Onlays and crowns in 1 visit
  •  Invisalign
  •  Smile Makeovers
  •  Tooth Contouring
  •  Teeth Whitening: 1 hour and Take Home
  •  Veneers and Bonding

Like pink, healthy gums, cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening can help you to look younger. Veneers and bonding can restore a youthful appearance by filling out fine lip lines and by concealing tooth discolouration and gaps. Tooth-coloured fillings of composite or porcelain look like natural teeth enamel, and crowns and bridges, and dental implants can restore even a seriously damaged smile! A subtle change like gum recontouring can dramatically improve the balance of your smile… your face… and your outlook.